Which Challenge Will You Take?

What is a “challenge”?
A Challenge is a small specific period of time to focus on you and dedicate the effort needed to see real change. By making the time period short, it is manageable, easy to measure and easy to stay motivated. Through knowing that it’s only 6 weeks, you will feel driven and by the time it is up you have built the habit to continue these healthy patterns long term.

Why take a challenge?
When you’re new to a gym, exercise can be tricky and if you want results you need to do more than just get on the treadmill. Most of us don’t know where to start and this is where challenges can really help. You will be assisted with a range of different workouts with Small Group PT sessions and 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions. With professional guidance you will discover a wide range of fun and motivating exercises that will help you see results fast!
You may not be a new member, you may be a seasoned gym goer who has been going through the motions and hasn’t seen any changes in their body for a while. If you always do the same exercises you will stop seeing results. You need to keep your body guessing and once you mix it up you will notice the change and enjoy yourself far more!

This Challenge
This time we wanted to make it more personalised so every woman can get the greatest benefit from it no matter where they are in their fitness journey. We also wanted to ensure that everyone could participate over the summer, so you choose when your 6 weeks starts instead of starting on a set date!

This challenge is designed for people who need help to get the best start to their fitness journey. Whether you are brand new to the gym, or have been a member for a while and feel you need some help, this challenge is a great option. You’ll be guided through a goal setting and scheduling session with one of the Satori team, they will help you plan out the next 6 weeks. An additional nutrition consultation will focus on your food and beverages. During the 6 weeks you will also receive 2 Small Group PT sessions p/week. This combination will give you the range you need to stay motivated and see results. You will receive initial and final weigh ins plus measurements so you can see how far you come!

This challenge is for ladies with a moderate level of fitness that want to take it up a notch. Even if you are doing well and staying on target it always good to push that little bit harder before the silly season! The Summer Slimdown challenge includes everything the Kickstarter challenge does, but you also receive a 1-on-1 Personal Training session per week. This will really help you kick things into gear. The 1-on-1 consultation will be designed specifically around your goals and current abilities. This extra help will allow you to really see a change in 6 weeks and it will push you, which is why we reward you with a sports remedial massage at the end.

This challenge is for ladies who want to reach new heights in their fitness. The Transformation challenge will push you and help you achieve things that you didn’t think you could. It’s for ladies who have decided NOW is the time you want to make myself really proud and get in the shape you want. If that sounds like you it’s time to stop saying and start doing! This intensive challenge includes initial goal setting and scheduling, and as well as an initial nutrition consultation, you will have another one mid-challenge to ensure continued support and guidance. As well as Small Group PT you will have 2 personalised 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions per week which will ensure you are doing the absolute best exercises in perfect form to guarantee you surpass your PB’s and shape and sculpt quickly!

So which will you choose? Take the challenge today!

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