Les Mills Body Pump™ in Adelaide

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Les Mills Body Pump

get lean, toned and fit – fast

The Les Mills BODYPUMP™ is a total body work out using barbells and lots of repetition to strengthen your entire body.

Scientifically proven moves (The Rep Effect) over 60 minutes will give you a total body workout and help you burn those calories.

Your awesome Instructors will pump out encouragement to great motivation music helping you get the results you came for – and fast!

New BODYPUMP™ classes are released every three months with new music and choreography.

A typical class

BODYPUMP™ is designed to improve strength and endurance in the major muscle groups and, in doing so, burn calories. We use carefully chosen music tracks to guide you through the class with maximum effect.

Classes start with a warm-up to get your body moving with light weights.

Your instructor will then guide you through the main part of the workout, focusing on each of the major muscle groups, including your chest, back, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. All the important muscles get covered, and we guarantee you’ll be feeling the burn by the time you’re on to the cool down.

Lastly, down tempo music will accompany you while you stretch your muscles out to finish the workout and help reduce the risk of muscle soreness or injury.

Come and try BODYPUMP™ and Feel the Burn.

To try a class for free call us on 08 8299 9701

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