Get the most out of your workout

Go strong but not TOO strong!
A lot of people believe that training has to leave you a sweaty, staggering mess in order to be effective at all. “Just enough” of everything is the sweet spot you should really be hunting for. Too often, people are training with too much volume, very high intensities, and along the way, ignoring signs of potential injury.

Have a set workout planPTrainer
One of the great things (and challenging things) about the gym is that there are so many different ways to challenge yourself, grow stronger, and change your life. You can train with weights, machines, body weight, cardio, classes—anything! The solution: Have a plan in hand and follow it. Go into the gym already knowing what you will be doing every time, so you don’t just wander around aimlessly!

Quality over quantity
How good is your squat? If you simply answered with a certain number of kgs, you misunderstood the question. There are plenty of bad squats that are heavy, and plenty of good ones that are light. What do you do??

No matter your goals in the gym, you’ll move toward them faster when you learn to target and recruit muscles properly. This might require a step down in weight, but the increased stimulus your muscles receive more than makes up the difference. Focus on quality, and the numbers will come.

Leave time for rest
“Your muscles grow when you rest. Never underestimate how important rest days are, as they’ll allow your body to rebuild and recover. If you’re training every day, you’re not going to make the progress you’re supposed to and will end up just getting frustrated.

Have fun!
Don’t force yourself to do something you strongly dislike. Pick activities that you enjoy!
Not everyone likes the same type of training, so pick something that you look forward to so you stay motivated. Exercise classes with your friends, sports or hiking with your family are great choices that can be kept up for years.

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