Healthy nutrition to make the most of your training


These are the basic guidelines to help you plan to eat at least two or three nutritious meals every day and include two healthy easy snacks if you like to snack. Make a shopping list of healthy food that you will enjoy and plan you meals.


Include lean protien with most meals for example eat egg whites, lean chicken breast, lean steak, tuna in brine or choose a tuna that is 98% fat free. Eat salmon, whey protein (protein smoothies) beans and lentils.

Choose lower GI carbohydrate options at 2 or 3 meals. Great examples of this are whole grain breads and cereals, basmati or brown rice, beans lentils, whole grain pastas, sweet potatoes, lots of veggies (fresh, steamed or roasted), fresh fruit and yoghurt.

Include essential fats in your diet that comes from raw nuts and seeds, salmon, walnuts, avocado and cold pressed olive oil.

After shopping, sort the veggies and salad before storing in the refrigerator. Wash, chop and store in containers so that your food is organized and ready to eat.

Snacks, eat raw nuts and seeds, fresh fruit, yoghurt or protein smoothie.

Drink water, at lease 8 glasses per day minimum and Green Tea.

Cut back on sugar, white flour, processed food, iced coffee, lollies and fried food. Consume less than 5 alcoholic drinks per week and less than 3 coffees per day.

Build muscle by doing weight training 2 x week to maintain metabolism and healthy blood sugar balance.

Burn calories by practicing cardiovascular activities 3 x per week to help maintain healthy blood pressure and maintain healthy weight.

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