Hold Yourself accountable

Let’s chat about accountability.

A fun little definition for you: accountability is the “fact or condition of being accountable” (how helpful). Really, what we mean by accountability can be described in three words: RESPONSIBILITY, LIABILITY and AWARENESS.acc

A lot of people lack accountability for a lot of things. Whether it be in your personal lives, with a spouse, partner or family member, a job, a chore or, most importantly, your health, lacking accountability might mean that we just don’t seem to take responsibility for, lack personal liability of our actions, behaviours and responses.

Health accountability can be related to things like fad diets, binge-meals, binge not-meals, binge workouts and lazy days – and I don’t just mean rest days, I mean lazy days, where we get to the end of it and feel guilty! Our accountability might hover in the area of something called our LOCUS OF CONTROL: we can have one of two loci of control; an internal, or an external. People who adopt external loci of control tend to place responsibility for things happening in their lives on anything and anyone other than themselves. Missed the gym today? Their boss was in a bad mood and kept them late, meaning they were just too frazzled. Let go of your healthy meal plan for two days? PMS. Yelled at a friend? Their dog pooped on their carpet today, so their fuse was already loose (this might be personal experience).

Adopting an internal locus of control, however, encompasses just what we’ve been talking about: ACCOUNTABILITY. Taking personal responsibility for yourself, being aware of what you are doing and being liable for your own actions and behaviours. Missed the gym? I lost motivation momentarily and couldn’t face it. Let go of your healthy meal plan for two days? My strength ran thin, as it’s been a stressful week and I faltered. Yelled at a friend? Yeah, my bad; I was in a bad mood and lost my patience.

The FIRST step of a successful venture in life is to have accountability. As detailed above, even if you’re taking it for something negative that’s happened, it’s the BEST way to be able to think about it and face things HEAD ON by TELLING YOURSELF to be better, rather than hoping the rest of the world might.


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