Let’s have a talk about failure

I, your writer, am bearing with the resounding theme of failure that my week has inadvertently taken on. We have all been here. When the walls seem to be falling down on top of you, when you just seem to lose your footing, where things don’t go all so right, where you didn’t do as well as you thought you could, or where you just didn’t have it in you. Failure is a part of life. If things didn’t fail, we wouldn’t have evolution. And, if we didn’t have evolution, we’d all be hairy monkeys running away from giant dinosaurs. Reality of the matter is that if we never failed, if we always won, we wouldn’t have any kind of SENSE of reality.

Here are a few reasons while failure can be our blessing in disguise (based on www.movenourishbelieve.com):

  1. Failure makes us stronger and more resilient.
    It’s the same as learning how to do a push up. Every time you slam your face down onto the ground in a puddle of your own sweat and dwindling sense of self-accomplishment, and then pick yourself up and try again (again), you get a little bit stronger. Failure can mean that we don’t have false expectations of our capabilities, making us more confident in what we KNOW we can do. It means that we are able to roll with the punches, go with life, accept what’s happening, and most importantly, try again and again until we get that damn push-up right.
  2. Failure brings new opportunity.
    When one door shuts, another one opens. Even though it might feel like that original door has slammed shut so hard that it took a slice of your nose off with it, shuddered the walls and made dust fall from the ceiling. Fashion royalty Vera Wang was once a competitive figure skater. When this didn’t work out for her, she took the next logical path towards designing, and look where it brought her! Into my dreams, is where it took her. Never deny the possibility of a new opportunity.
  3. Failure makes you courageous.
    Failing means that you were brave enough to give it a go in the first place. There’s no feeling like the feeling of accomplishment; but an even better feeling is knowing that despite all your obstacles, you had the strength to get up and try again. This feeling can enable you to do anything. Olympic athletes didn’t get to where they are without some dismal failures along the way – but who’s got that stoic, brave, determined face before the timer goes off? If you’re disappointed in the way you went in something you’ve been training for a long time? Don’t be. I say kudos, for instead of dreaming about success, you actually got off your butt and worked for it.
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