Need some motivation? You have come to the right place!

Remember that it is taking that first step into the gym that is the hardest, following that you are capable of anything. You do not have to go fast, you just need to go!

Every step you take is a step closer to your goal – whether it is to increase your general wellbeing, lose some excess weight, build muscle, injury rehab or simply just time out for yourself it takes only 4% of your day to fit in a workout.

When you feel like you need some inspiration;When you feel like quiting: think about why you started

Go back to basics and write down why you started this fitness journey, establish the aims you have, why you decided upon them, and how you think you will feel after achieving them…

Once you have this list written you can refer to it every morning when your alarm starts beeping at what seems like the middle of the night and use it as motivation to swing your legs out of bed, put on the joggers and kick start your day. If you are consistent with this pattern it will become an enjoyable routine to begin every day.

You need to choose a type of exercise that you enjoy participating in; this may be a case of trial and error. There are endless options with cardio, weight training, you can do personal training, gym classes, boot camps, running/walking groups or swimming plus many more. There really is something for everyone; you just need to find the one that makes you want to exercise and something that gives you that lovely endorphin rush.

The next factor that needs to be considered is how many times a week is manageable for you to undertake; it needs to be factored in your diary like a meeting so that you can commit to it. Are you pushing yourself to hard? Or could you fit in another workout during the week?

There is a never a workout that is regretted; you may feel physically exhausted at the end, depending on the intensity you desire to work at but you will always feel revived mentally.

A an important point to remember is that everyone has days where they lose motivation temporarily or are feeling unwell; give your body a break for the day and don’t feel guilty. Bearing in mind it cannot drag on forever; you need to decide whether your body really does need a break or you just actually need a push to get to the gym.

If you are feeling overwhelmed ensure you breakdown your goals into smaller sections, it will make them far more manageable and as you tick each one off your motivation will increase.

A quote that you must always remember when you think it isn’t worth it:

‘’success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in, day out’’

If you are persistent you will achieve what you set out to do – stay accountable.

Tips on staying accountable:

  • Progress pictures
  • Schedule your workouts in like meetings – you wouldn’t cancel a meeting because you didn’t feel like attending!
  • Exercise with a friend – you will push yourself to not let them down
  • Follow your weekly goals – ensure they are attainable and achieve them week in week out


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