Our Favourite Health/Fitness Apps for Women

It’s almost summer, ladies. It’s time to take your health into your own hands. Literally. Fitness and nutrition is now readily available at the touch of a button thanks to the numerous health and exercise apps available for your smart phone. But with too many out there to choose from, it’s hard to pick one, let alone actually use it. Not to fear. Here are our favourite health and fitness apps for women proven to be the most effective and motivating to get results. (For the budget conscious, they are mostly free or close to it.)

My Diet Coach for Women is geared towards motivating weight loss. As well as tracking your diet, this app gives you the motivation you need to conquer the mental blocks keeping you from losing weight. It provides you with tips for specific areas where you may need an extra push in the right direction. Whether it be food cravings, eating out, laziness, nutrition slip ups, etc, whatever your weakness is when it comes to food, this app can motivate you to get through it.

The FREE FoodSwitch app helps people to make healthy food choices easier while shopping. Products can be scanned with the FoodSwitch app, providing you with nutrition information of that food. Traffic light colour-coded ratings for the 4 main ingredients make it easy to understand the nutrition information. On top of that, the FoodSwitch app will suggest healthier food choices to the user, who can modify the app for specific goals, preferences & allergies, such as salt reduction or avoiding gluten.

Healthy in a Hurry is a great source for healthy, tasty and quick to prepare recipes. The app focuses on recipes that can be prepared in 45 minutes or less, and comes with a selection of 200 meals and snacks that you can quickly prepare. Recipes are sorted into course categories, and users can display each recipe’s nutritional information, or search by main ingredient and time to prepare.

RunKeeper is a GPS-driven map of your health journey that allows you to plan exercise routes. It uses your exercise history to chart your progress and suggest your next fitness goal.
Motivation while exercising is given through spoken-word updates. It connects to Fitbit  devices and MyFitnessPal tools to help with specific fitness motivations and healthy eating goals.
If you love walking, cycling or, of course, running, this could be an excellent app for you.

Zombies, Run! is a quirky mission-based interactive app that makes you forget the cardio and instead feel like you’re running (or power walking) for your life away from evil zombies!
The downside is it is a paid app and you may get odd looks from the neighbours as you run screaming down the road. But you may be having too much fun to care!
Zombies, Run! is a great app for the person who’d rather be entertained into exercise than exercise for entertainment.

Couch to 5K
Like it’s name suggest, this app gets people off the couch and whips them into shape for their first 5km. The eight-week training plan starts slow by alternating between walking and running before working up to more intense workouts. C25K fits into even the busiest schedules with just three half-hour workouts every week with rest days in between. An audio coach helps you through each workout and motivates you to keep on running. If this isn’t enough to get you running, go back to trying zombies!

Imagine if your alarm clock didn’t jolt you out of bed every morning and leave you feeling groggy, starting your day slow and without energy? That’s where Sleep Cycle comes in. All you so is select the time you want to wake up, place your phone facedown on your bed, and then the app will wake you up sometime in the half-hour window before your alarm when you’re in your lightest sleep. Sleep Cycle uses magic (OK, your phone’s accelerometer) to measure movement in bed and pinpoint REM cycles, so it doesn’t wake you up when you’re in deep sleep. We love an app that helps us wake up fresh for those early morning workouts!

Ladies, this is the perfect app to get more in tune with your body and menstrual cycle. Glow is a super sophisticated ovulation calendar that tracks ovulation, mood, symptoms, and even medications to help pinpoint your next period, whether you’re attempting to get pregnant or trying to avoid it. Then it can help give recommendations of when is the best time to hit the sheets.

Pause is a new iOS app designed to help you combat stress or anxiety and regain your focus. Combining design, technology and mindfulness, the app’s process starts by playing ambient sounds and then has you place your fingertip on the screen to create a small shape resembling a colorful screen bleed, which grows and pulsates as you move it continuously across the screen, listening to the evolving soundscape at the same time, even with your eyes closed.

So there you have it ladies, our favourite apps to stay healthy, motivated and in touch with our bodies and minds. Give them a go and let us know how you go!

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