Reception – Emily

SQemilyI have always had an interest in health and fitness since high school where I played tennis and volleyball. I became a member of a gym about 3 years ago and have been hooked ever since! I am currently study a bachelor degree in marketing and communications and it’s my goal to be able to use these skills within the fitness industry so that I can work in a field I’m passionate about. I’m looking forward to getting some great experience at Satori helping with the marketing and sales and getting a better idea of how to promote businesses in the fitness industry.

When not training/working I love to:
Be down at the beach with my friends or my partner. I could be at the beach all day every day there’s nothing that makes me happier!

Favourite Food:
My favourite food would just be a good quality steak, or a roast… I could never be vegetarian!

Favourite Exercise:
I love abs and glute exercises! My favourite exercise would probably be squats with a barbell. I also love doing things like yoga and body balance, nothing better to escape a busy day!

My main goal for the year:
My main goal this year is to gain valuable experience working in an industry enjoy whilst I finish my degree. I also have lots of fitness goals which include building more strength and increasing my flexibility.

Fave Quote:
“Work like others won’t so you can live like others can’t”


• Graduated from Loreto College in 2010
• Currently studying a bachelor degree in Marketing and Communications and the University of SA