Personal Trainer – Megan


Photo courtesy of Roaringstorm Photography

My appreciation of human movement began at the age of 3 when I was involved in dance, both jazz and tap. Through primary school I developed a passion for netball and started training with, at the time, State League Club North Melbourne at 14. The desire to become a better athlete, and interest in rehabilitation led me to study sport science at a tertiary level and this has supported my desire to assist others in reaching their potential.

In 2011 I took my daughter rollerskating and it transported me back to my childhood, I fell in love, and when I discovered roller derby in Adelaide I became obsessed! Now in my 6th year with Adelaide roller derby I have been fortunate enough to travel both interstate and even overseas to Japan to represent my league.

When not training/working I love to:
Spend time with my family. i love taking the kids on hikes, to the skatepark, camping, movies and reading time… even though I fall asleep whilst my daughter reads Harry Potter to me.

Favourite Food:
I love making raw treats from scratch, my sweet potato brownies are a favourite of mine and my kids. I am addicted to unsweetened almond milk and can literally be seen carrying around a one litre carton to drink from.

Favourite Exercise:
At the gym, anything with a swiss ball, Outside the gym, roller skating.

My main goal for the year:
Become a member of Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA)… then back it up the following year with full accreditation in exercise physiology.

Fave Quote:
“The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow”

Specialist Areas:
Rehabilitation from injury
Injury Prevention
Postural correction exercise


  • Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Exercise Rehabilitation)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science ( Human Movement)
  • Senior First Aid

Photo courtesy of Roaringstorm Photography