Small Group Personal Training

SiStock_000021197325XLargemall Group Personal Training is an interactive workout that suits all fitness levels, is fun and delivers results fast! Enjoy the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the price combined with the motivation that comes from being part of a group.

Some of the many benefits include:
– Gain strength and fitness, lose weight, tone up and achieve your goals!
– More personalised programs & instruction to help you learn technique
– Fun and social, working out with like-minded women and friends
– Acountablily and energy from working in a team
– Affordable, a great add on for those already training for an extra boost


Small Group PT runs in 6 week blocks, with packages of either 1 or 2 sessions per week.
6 weeks, 2 sessions/week $240
6 weeks, 1 session/week $140

Talk to your trainer today about teaming up with other like-minded ladies!