Spring is here! Here’s a special for you..

Health, wealth & happiness: The Satori Solution!

Looking for the ultimate investment in your health that won’t break the bank? Keep reading! We all want to be healthy, wealthy and happy and we think we’ve got your first step covered here at Satori: SGPT! Small Group Personal Training has all the benefits of one-on-one personal training, but with plenty of other positives that will bring a spring to your step into these warmer months.

Our small group training classes will only ever have a maximum of four participants, so you know you’ll still have focus from your trainer and a three new friends to laugh and enjoy your workout with. Our small group sessions are a great way to challenge yourself and each other to work to your maximum potential. Added motivation! Plus, you’ll all be able to keep each other accountable for all the sessions you attend together and support each other through your workouts.

If you’re new to personal training, small group is the perfect way to add structure into your current exercise routine. With 7 sessions offered throughout the week you’ll be able to start and end your week on a high note with a rush of positive endorphins! Once you’ve started, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

SGPT is a value packed investment; you enjoy all the benefits of personal training with added support, friendships and more money in your pocket! For the month of September we’re offering a deal that’s too good to pass up: 4 SGPT sessions for $40! That’s not even the price of one personal training session. If you’ve been thinking about personal training and are ready to make a change, give us a call or visit us at the desk today*.

*All sessions will be booked (and can be paid for) through our new app, ensuring you’re saving time and making your life easier! Search for Satori Women’s Health Club on Google Play or Apple App Store today.

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