Spring Clean Time!

What’s up, Satori Squad?! It’s September, which means the start of spring! We know it doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but we’re positive the sunshine is just around the corner.

As we move into the warmer months, it may be time to change up your exercise regime. Forget spring cleaning the house; let’s help you put that pep back in your step by spring cleaning your fitness routine! Mixing up things in and outside of the gym helps keep things fun and interesting, anytime of the year. We’ve outlined some bright ideas for you to supercharge your routine and take your workout to the next level.

Mix up your strength split and give supersets a whirl
Break up your weight training sessions and change up your exercises to supersets. Not only does it make your workout fly by, but you can work opposing muscle groups back to back, and work one while the other rests. The fired up calorie burn is a bonus, thanks to the elevated heart rate during your workout.

I love supersets because I enjoy getting in and getting out (and the burn, baby!) but also because it really does keep my muscles guessing. If you have any questions about how to mix up your sessions with a new weight split or adding supersets or a circuit, ask one of our friendly gym staff.

Get creative with a new toy
You’re warming up on the treadmill. You’re looking around the gym when you spy the slam balls again. You’ve wondered how to best use them in your workout for weeks, but have no idea how… Honey, we’ve all been there! Our personal trainers are happy to demonstrate how best to safely use any piece of equipment in your workout. We’ve got heaps of goodies here at Satori that you can use to add pizzazz to your workout from the bosu, to kettleballs and the humble fit ball!

Say sayonara to distractions!
Picking up a magazine on the way to the bike? Checking your Facebook notifications when you should be doing deadlifts? Give them the flick sister! If you find yourself taking longer than necessary at the gym, it’s time to change or ditch something. We know you’re all busy, hardworking women, and we want to see you living your best, balanced life – get into the zone the minute you get your runners on and in the door. To further time-suck-proof your workout, why not set up all your stations before starting, or get your program in front of you to be always on the move.

Make your workout one of your daily highlights
Let’s cut straight through the BS and tell you now: you should not be dreading your workout. If hitting the gym is one of your least favourite times of the day, then you’re definitely in need of a workout spring clean! The same goes for if there are parts of your workout that you dislike more than others. If the thought of doing one more burpee makes you break down in tears, ditch them! The awesome thing about Satori is there are so many options for exercise to help you find something you truly enjoy. After a lot of experimentation and trying things on for size, I discovered I love HIIT training and working my core and legs most. This is why I love HABIT and CXWorx classes – but I didn’t find that out overnight! Think about what you like and dislike in your routine, and have a chat to our friendly Desk girls to see if there’s a class or personal trainer who can help you find the sparkle in your workout again.

So, what are you going to do to spring clean your workout? We’re always happy to give our tips and tricks here at Satori, so come on in and test run your spring routine today!


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