Our 24/7 Women’s Only Gym in Adelaide

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Our focus is on wellbeing for Women. There’s no doof-doof music or sweaty equipment to worry about here at Satori! We’ve created a stress-free environment that is not intimidating and best of all, you can work out any time!

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It’s a sanctuary for women to exercise in a relaxed yet inspiring environment so that you can enjoy regular workouts and achieve your health & fitness goals.

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At Satori we offer lots of choice so that you can mix it up and keep your exercise interesting and your motivation going.

If you only have 30 mins for your workout routine, our qualified Personal Trainers will put together a gym program for you, for your planned amount of time.

When you have time to do more for yourself you have the choice of Group Fitness Classes or another program designed for you that takes into account your health and fitness goals and needs.

Personalised Service

We understand that everyone is different and with today’s busWoman Weight Liftingy lifestyles, we often find it hard to fit in time to look after ourselves. We have memberships to suit everyone, whether you want to just do group fitness classes, workout by yourself or work with a personal trainer every week. Chose a gym program/routine that suits you.

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When you get started we do a Full Body Analysis to ensure that our Personal Trainers have a good understanding of your Cardiovascular, Strength and Flexibility Fitness. The Trainer analyses your posture and we calculate your current body composition.

All of this gives us a starting point so that we can help you in the areas that you need it the most and you also have a measuring point so that you can easily see how much you improve!

It is so great when our members reduce their Fitness Age many years below their actual Age. By working out you get younger and the saying 50 is the new 40 is really how it feels!

Great Value

We are not like the big impersonal gyms and fitness centres, we are here for you.
Here’s what we offer you:

  • Personal Trainers – We’ve got the right trainer for you! Meet our trainers here.
  • Great Variety of Group Fitness Classes with staff instructors or virtual classes — your choice
  • Personalised Cardio & Strength Training Programs
    Strength Training, important for bone strength, speeding up your metabolism and toning up those muscles
  • Cardio Training, to burn those calories, get your heart pumping and your blood moving.
  • Up to date exercise equipment & Personal Training Studio
  • Regular Body Transformation Challenges & yearly City-Bay Training Groups
  • Showers and Change room facilities, and towel hire available
  • 24 hour, 7 day a week access in a safe, secure environment
  • Located in Unley, just south of the Adelaide CBD with off-street parking at the rear.

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