Weight Bearing Exercise Builds Bones!

Exercise is essential for everybody. When we exercise, our muscles pull on our bones, which in iStock_000015338758Smallturn build bone. Hence exercise builds stronger, denser bones.

As a rule of thumb, 30 minutes of bone building exercise 4-6 times a week can help maintain better bone density. Exactly how much you need is dependent on the type of activity you do, how long you do it for and your age.

Bones respond better to particular types of exercise, including:

weight-bearing exercises.eg brisk walking, stair climbing, Body Pump Class and personal training sessions.

resistance training.eg exercises can be machine-based ( e.g. leg press, seated rowing) or done using free weights i.e. dumbbells, kettlebells etc.

high impact exercise. e.g. skipping, boxing, jogging, jumping, interval training classes such as beach body & HIIT

balance training. e.g. standing on one leg with eyes closed, using the BOSU ball, and Body Balance class.

Bones also like:

  • short, high intensity bursts of exercise rather than long, slower, low impact sessions of exercise. Freestyle classes such as Beach Body & HIIT are great examples of this.
  • when the exercise gets progressively harder
  • variety in exercise routines
  • higher impact exercise – the higher the impact, the greater the benefit to your bones
  • lifting heavier weights rather than lifting light weights (though you can build this up over time)

Sorry but cycling and swimming won’t give you a good bone score.

Cycling and swimming are great forms of cardiovascular exercise – they will burn calories and get your heart rate up. However they won’t do anything for your bones, as there are no weight-bearing forces involved.

The types of exercise you need to do and for how long varies throughout your life…
For more information & to see how your bone health compares, visit the Healthy Bones Calculator at www.healthybonesaustralia.org.au


The Satori Personal Trainers can help you with the right kinds of exercise & can even write you a personalised program to help with your bone health, just ask us how.

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