As you can see below, we have lots of fabulous testimonials from lots of happy clients of all ages and all fitness levels. Everybody’s body is different and of course results will vary from person to person. But one thing we do know — if you put in the time and effort, you WILL see results!

Whether you know exactly what you need to do or you’re starting from scratch and you want some help and guidance, come in and see us. We’d love to help you get excited about getting fit and staying fit.

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“I walked the Inca Trail”

Hannah and Marayka, Thank you so much for the support and help you gave me to achieve my challenge of walking the Inca Trail. Not only did you help me but also the children who benefit from ‘The Smith Family’ charity for which I was fundraising.

Lesley, 2016


“I love Satori Gym!”

I really appreciate all the little changes you continue to make over the years as you strive to improve our gym experience. It isn’t hard to keep up my fitness routine because I love Satori Gym! Thank you for providing a great space so that my fitness routine is an integral part of my life that I enjoy.

Maxine, 2016 (member since 2010)


“Thanks Satori… I’m A Different Person!”

I don’t recognise myself! “Thanks Satori… I’m A Different Person!” - 30kg Weightloss

I joined Satori in October 2009 with the aim of toning up, getting fitter and hopefully losing some weight. Not much happened until my 92 year old mother got ill and I realized that I had genes that would enable me to live a very long life. So in October 2010 I decided I had to get fit and lose weight. I joined Weight Watchers and started to take my fitness more seriously, attending the gym almost daily and setting myself small goals to achieve.

Six months later a lot has changed!

There has been a lot of motivation and encouragement from the team at Satori and particularly my Personal Trainer. Along the way I have done a lot of long walks and climbed Mt Lofty twice  improving my time by 25 minutes on the 2nd attempt (and I didn’t need my trainer walking with me encouraging me each step of the way as I did on the first attempt).

When I reach my goal weight, I plan to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I’ll be scared, so it will be a challenge, but I feel a lot more confident to take on those challenges than I did a year ago. I’m a different person!

Susan S, Parkside

[results will vary from person to person]

 “Great personal trainers“

Relaxed and friendly gym just for women. Great personal trainers who will work with you to met your goals. If you have been intimidated by gyms in the past then do try Satori. Pleasant surprise.
Joanne M, Adelaide.

”I’m just so glad I found them”

At 61 I underwent a right mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, followed by several months of rehabilitation (gym equipment). Never having exercised for over 25 years this was a bit of a shock but I found I really enjoyed it and the mental, physical & emotional benefits were just great. I then had to try and find a Gym that mirrored what I had done at rehab.

Lucky for me I found Satori. They not only gave me a thorough assessment but walked me through all the equipment to try and match what I had used in rehab and then designed a tailor made circuit for me based on what I had done at rehab. The staff are fantastic and really care about you as a person, not just a number or money. I have now been going approx 3 times per week for just over a month and already I can see the results. I know that I can’t do what many of the other women do in their workouts but the great thing is that I can go at my own pace and do what I am capable of doing. Even having pre-existing illnesses of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia I have found that gentle exercise has benefited me enormously and I now have more energy and less pain. I would recommend Satori to anyone of any age and fitness level, I’m just so glad I found them.
Mary F, Highgate.

[results will vary from person to person]

“Great trainers who are dedicated and knowledgeable”BTC Testimonial from Marg

Good friendly women’s gym, with great trainers who are dedicated and knowledgeable. Ive felt it is a personal service where there is a focus on achieving client’s goals. Also it is very efficiently managed and all the staff are very helpful.

Margaret W, Parkside

“Relaxed, friendly atmosphere”

I have been a regular participator & member at Satori ladies gym for past 8 years now. It has a great comfortable, relaxed, friendly atmosphere which is appealing to anyone who may feel going to a gym can be a bit intimidating. Its hygiene and cleanliness is always maintained at high standards. So ladies, if you are looking for a gym to fulfill your fitness, I highly recommend you take up a membership at Satori!
Leanne M, Adelaide

 “My trainer is awesome”

The gym is usually a place i dread going but with those bright pink and purple walls, big screen TVs and friendly faces, how can you not love it! My trainer is awesome and i like how close knit all the staff are – it’s a comfortable environment. it’s nice knowing you can walk in and out of there, looking like death warmed up and no-one cares! The equipment is great to use and the classes are a lot of fun!
Amy N, Daw Park

 “Never thought I would love going to a gym so much”

The classes are AWESOME, never thought I would love going to a gym so much, but after 4 years and still loving it, they are doing something right!
Maddy W, Daw Park

“Its been great watching my progress and strength improve”

I have been a member at Satori for about a year now. I had lost interest in exercising and thought that becauseI live just around the corner from the gym it would motivate me to move it. It certainly has done that but even more movitating has been the personal training sessions, hard but very enjoyable. Its been great watching my progress and strength improve. I also love the body combat classes. The team are really friendly and accommodating so thank you Jo and Niki and the rest of the team.
Vivienne W, Parkside.

 “With the help of my personal trainer, i lost 18kg and toned up significantly”

I have been a member at Satori gym for over a year now and highly recommend it to women of all ages. The staff are friendly and supportive and there is a great range of classes. I initially joined to lose weight for my wedding and with the help of my personal trainer, i lost 18kg and toned up significantly for the big day. I was very happy with this result but i am even happier that i have finally found enjoyment in exercise which is something that has eluded me until i joined this gym.
Brooke W, Dulwich.

[results will vary from person to person]

 “They have made me feel very welcome”

The staff at satori have been very nice and very helpful, answering any questions i had about my fitness and workout. and coming from England they have made me feel very welcome.
Natalie T, Parkside

“The small group training is my favourite”

I love the intimate and friendly atmosphere at Satori. The staff are welcoming and professional. My personal trainer has been a key motivator in my regaining fitness and strength and achieving significant weight loss. The small group training is my favourite class, offering a variety of cardio and strength training in an informal outdoors setting.
Susan S, Parkside.

 “My fitness has escalated beyond my wildest dreams!”

I love this gym!!! I joined 9 months ago in the hope of improving my fitness – never did I expect to develop the motivation and love of exercise that I now have. I lost 8 kg in about 6 months and my fitness has escalated beyond my wildest dreams!! Great variety of classes at Satori and they generally have a new promotion every couple of months to help you mix it up a bit and work towards achieving a new goal. Niki’s group training sessions on a Saturday morning in the parklands are definitely a favourite of mine! I highly recommend Satori.
Michelle W, Parkside

[results will vary from person to person]

 “Satori Women’s Health Club strikes the right balance”

I am someone who joined nearly four years ago having never been a gym person. I have become an active and happy regular user at Satori, due to the people and the atmosphere there.   Satori Women’s Health Club strikes the right balance between being serious about health and fitness and being friendly and welcoming to all.
Professor Anne E, Millswood

 ‘Enjoy’ and ‘exercise’ – two words I once never thought I’d use in the same sentence”

I rolled through the doors of Satori gym as a fat and lazy blob. I lost 23 kilos in 7 months and have learned to enjoy exercise (“enjoy” and “exercise” – two words I once never thought I’d use in the same sentence). Jo, Ruth, Alyssa, Heidi, Jamie, Maureen and everyone else, you all played a part in that. If it weren’t for your untiring enthusiasm and non-judgmental persistence, I’d still be a hideous butterball – and I’m not. !! thank you.
Lesley J, Parkside

[results will vary from person to person]

 “The Difference in both my Health and Physical Well-Being is Amazing!”

I’ve been a member at Satori for nearly two years, and the difference in both my health and physical well-being is amazing! Not only am I stronger, my health has improved, my stress levels have decreased and my motivation towards life has doubled!! The personal attention and the little luxuries (towels provided, hot clean showers, snacks and information sessions) at Satori make all the difference to keep you motivated to acheive your goals. I would (and have) recommend Satori to any of my friends, you won’t be disappointed!!
Farlie T, Hahndorf

[results will vary from person to person]

 “I Thoroughly Recommend you Come and Join me!”

Satori has been an important part of my life for nearly nine years. If you are serious about improving your fitness and are planning to join a gym, I thoroughly recommend you come and join me! You will love the new you!
Bronwyn W, St Georges

 “The Staff will help you work towards to Results that You Want”

Satori provides a friendly environment that I have never experienced at any other gym. They have fantastic class instructors and great personal trainers. There’s a variety of membership types which can include personal training sessions which i highly recommend. The staff will help you work towards the results you want, which always makes you feel good!
Dee, Hyde Park

 “I would Recommend this Gym for all Women who Enjoy a Challenge whilst having Fun!!!”

As a “senior” member at Satori, it is important that I keep fit and strong as part of my lifestyle program, and Satori, an all female small gym, allows me to achieve this, with great assistance and support from the personal trainers (including personal training programs and nutritional advice), friendly staff, other members complemented by the extensive equipment available and group classes including yoga, body balance, pump, RPM and body combat ! I would recommend this gym for all women who enjoy a challenge whilst having fun!!!
Mary D, Unley Park

 “What a Brilliant Gym”

What a brilliant gym, having previously attended others but find brilliant personal training, excellent equipment and very professional classes, all incorporated in the price I pay each month which is a much lower cost than other gyms.
Margie W, Unley Park

 “Lovely Creche – one of my main reasons to choose this gym.”

Excellent Gym. Wonderful, helpful and experienced trainers… I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a gym in Adelaide.
Madhulika S, Hyde Park

 “As A Woman In My 60′s I Now Regard My Personal Training Sessions At Satori As An Integral Part Of My Life.”

Jamie has been my Personal Trainer for three years.

As a woman nearing 60, with health problems, and no previous engagement in organized physical activity, I was uncertain about submitting myself to a confronting, unknown and potentially unpleasant experience.

Jamie took base measures which confirmed how unfit I was, and also realized that my self-confidence in physical movements was very low. She researched my deficits and devised a program to build my body strength, balance and endurance. She also investigated how the loss of one of my eyes (her first client with this) would impact on my balance, and has included activities to address this.

Every few weeks my program is changed, so that I am constantly challenged. Jamie is always encouraging and acknowledges progress in each session.

Jamie reads widely and attends courses so that all her clients are given the latest information. They are offered opportunities in different classes, suitable for their fitness level and expertise.

Sessions which I initially ragarded as medicine which had to be taken, regardless, have become an intregral part of my life. I have been supported and made to feel successful.

Judi D, Lwr Mitcham

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