Body Image


I want you to take a moment and think about three things that you love about yourself?

How did you do? Was this hard or easy?

It is time to talk about all things body image. Body image refers to how you think and feel about your body. In general, people who have a positive body image tend to have better mental health and those that are negative about their body image tend to suffer from increased levels of depression and anxiety. You have the ability to change how you look at your body. By enjoying a balanced diet and performing exercise regularly that you thoroughly enjoy can improve your perception of your body image. Treat your body well and it will return the favour. Remember…. no particular weight brings happiness. If you are exercising regularly and nourishing your body and mind, your body will thank you.

Work to feel confident and comfortable in the skin you are in, no matter what that looks like.

Being able to see the transformation in this body image mindset each and every day with so many clients is absolutely joyous. Each woman deserves to feel proud of the body they live in and have the opportunity to treat their body with respect via nutritional foods and moving in a way they enjoy.

Your goal for the week is to write three things you love about yourself and mean it! 😊

Dare to look in the mirror and notice those parts of you that are undeniably female and attractive; celebrate your curves and limbs that are unique to only you in their size and shape. A woman with true self-confidence is the most attractive woman in a room because her beauty comes from feeling good about herself from the inside…

Kayla Fergusson