Positive Thinking Only!


Positive thinking allowed only!

We have all heard that voice in our head at some point that tells us that we aren’t good at something, we should give up or just plain negative thoughts that cause far more harm than good.

In turn, we get stuck in the path of putting our attention and energy fully into everything that is wrong rather than everything that is right.

Does this sound familiar to a time in your life? If so, lets focus on some tasks that we can do to change the way we think and bring our mind frame back to a positive one that enhances life rather than inhibits.

At the end of the day, we all make mistakes, we all have things we wish we had done differently but if we didn’t do them, how would we know what we really needed to do to succeed? This comes with the saying ‘learn from your mistakes’. If you really think about it, it is actually a positive thing because you are learning how to do something better, after all, we aim on improving in life.

When something goes ‘wrong’ in your life next, try and change it around in your mind and think about what you learnt from the experience and how next time you will be better equipped to deal with the situation.

We create what we see and what we expect to see. If you are always being tough on yourself, your life is going to feel like a burden, like nothing is going right. If you focus on what is going right, things will continue on a positive path and you will shine bright. Sure, things can go wrong but remember, you always learn something from it!

I am going to leave you with a quote to consider today…

If you put yourself down for any reason whatsoever, it’s absolutely predictable that you’ll find evidence that you are correct. Putting yourself down provides unnecessary focus on everything that is wrong rather than what is right with you…

Kayla Fergusson