Meet Steph

What do you do at Satori? Owner, personal trainer & Pilates instructor

Background: Originally a country girl, I have now been working at Satori for approximately 4 years. I purchased the gym in February 2018. I have studied a nutrition degree and am currently finishing my nursing degree. It has always been my dream to support women to live a healthier, more balanced life and now I get to live it every day.

Fav exercise/workout: I enjoy high intensity interval style training; this type of training provides everyone, no matter their time constraints the opportunity to fit exercise into their day. I also love walking!

Hobbies: I am an outdoors person so when I am not at Satori I am generally outdoors riding my horse/walking my dog… fresh air is great for the soul!

My current goals: Support as many women as I can to lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and to learn to nourish and love their bodies and mind.

Meet Emily

What do you do at Satori?:  At Satori I mainly do personal training as well as group classes, small group personal training and also reception.

Background: I grew up in the country where I discovered my passion for exercise. I always played sport and I eventually found gymnastics which I did for 10 years both in my home town of Port Pirie and here in Adelaide. I moved to Adelaide after year 12 to study certificate III and IV in fitness and became a personal trainer which I have now done for the past 4 years. I have worked at Satori for the last 2 years where I have enjoyed helping Women feel strong and empowered.

Favourite food: Pasta!

Fave exercise: I don't have a favourite exercise, but my favourite style of training is weights because it makes me feel like the strongest version of myself.

Hobbies: In my spare time I love training so most of the time you would find me in the gym or hanging out with my friends!

Meet Bridget

What do you do at Satori? Assistant Manager, receptionist, personal trainer and group fitness instructor

Background: I grew up in the country and then went to school in Adelaide where I studied my certificate III in fitness. I have always wanted a job where I can help people feel empowered and confident within themselves. So when I started at Satori, I fell in love with the workplace and what it involves. I then completed my certificate IV in fitness and I now get to do what I am passionate about every day and I love it!

Fave exercise/workout: I love running, high intensity training and weight training!

Favourite food: Cheese platters!

Hobbies: I love water skiing and being at the river! I love the outdoors and I am a very social person so I love outdoor walks and catching up with friends and family.


Meet Ash

What do you do at Satori? Personal training!

Background: I grew up on a rural station from a young age and was involved in a lot of sport. Particularly netball. My love for training came about from wanting to be stronger, fitter and faster. Over the last few years, weigh training has become my main focus, particularly throughout my recovery.

Favourite food: Pasta

Fave exercise: My focus is on weight training but I love squats!

Hobbies: Being with my son and training.

Meet Megan

What do I do at Satori: Personal Trainer, small group personal training and professional fish feeder

Background:  I hail from Melbourne where I grew up on netball courts around Victoria, when I was actually home I’d watch old black ‘n’ white movies and musicals. My interest in athletic performance led me to Ballarat where I studied a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement, and then after getting a few years’ experience in gyms and personal training I headed back to Ballarat to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation. I’ve worked in physio departments of hospitals doing hydrotherapy and gym programs as well as nursing homes providing direct care to residents and manual handling education for staff. 

Fave Food: Creamed rice that I make using the slow cooker. Sour dough French toast with double cream and stewed fruit is a favourite too.

Fave Exercise: At the gym its strength training for strong muscles and strong bones. I love anything using the Swiss ball. I LOVE getting my clients doing squats and deadlifts with really good technique.

Hobbies: I play roller derby and in recent times I’m back on the netball court. Hiking, especially with my kids and dog.

Meet Stacey

Background: I’m originally from London but have lived in Adelaide for 12 years now. I fell in love with the way of life over here and continue to do so every day. If Australia has taught me anything, it’s to embrace a slower, more relaxed tempo of living; to spend time on the things that are important to me. This includes not only looking after myself physically as a trainer, but mentally too. Balance is key to life and I try to help other’s achieve that too!

What I do at Satori: Personal Training, Sports Massage, Boxing Classes and Small Group Personal Training

Favourite exercise/workout: I’m a huge fan of kettlebells, they’re my favourite! I especially love Kettlebell swings, they’re fantastic for ticking all boxes; cardio, strength and functional movement.

Favourite food: Sushi is my love, but anything made for me is always appreciated!

Hobbies: I love playing squash when I can find the time!